Were Older TV Shows Filmed In Wide Screen?

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Were Older TV Shows Filmed In Wide Screen?

Postby Midna on September 18th, 2009, 09:34

I watch a lot of old shows and have a bunch on my laptop. Most of my favorite show are from the 80's and 90's.

The thing is, I watch them on my laptop (It has a wide screen monitor) and I see the black lines on both sides.I find it annoying because I'm used to watching wide screen movies and stuff.

My Mom has The Walton's on DVD and we watch it on our wide screen TV. She changes the aspect to panorama (wide screen) because she doesn't like the black bars on both sides. So the videos stretch so it fills up the screen and I hate it even more because it's not true wide screen!

So, my question is, were older TV shows filmed in wide screen (I'm assuming they were) and if they were, why are they out on DVD in full screen, even now?

I have a couple TV movies (from 2005) and they're in the proper wide screen, that proves to me that TV movies were made in wide screen.
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