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A set of guidelines you should follow. Please read before posting.

Forum Rules

Postby Midna on July 20th, 2009, 21:03

No Spamming

First rule no spamming the forums. S.P.A.M. also know as stupid pointless annoying messages will not be tolerated. If you don't have anything worthwhile to say then don't say it. Please try to keep your messages clean, grammatically correct to the best of your ability, and if your message is not longer than a couple of lines than it is probably not worth posting. Make sure you have something real to say. Try to avoid using one or two word sentences.

Stay On Topic

Please try to stay on topic. Do not go off and start talking about random things that in no way what so ever relates to the thread. Also, please try to follow the rules of the individual forums such as the Serious Discussion forum. Immaturity there is unacceptable and you will be issued a warning point if you cannot follow that simple rule.

Treat Members Nicely/Flaming

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Do not bad mouth or talk about other members in a rude or profane way. This will not be tolerated.
Flaming, for those of you that don't know what this is. Flaming is basically when you turn on another individual and you start bashing them and or their beliefs. Everybody is entitled to their opinions so do not start an argument with somebody if you do not agree with the views.


Please try to avoid cursing. That is simply not needed and your post will be edited.

No Adult/Obscene Content
This is a family safe forum. Please do not post anything that anyone would find offensive or insulting

Double Posting/Topic Bumping

This should be self explanatory. Do not double post. If you have something else that you would like to add then simply click the "Edit" button and make the appropriate changes. The only people that can double post is me and the moderators.
See how easy that is? Okay now for Topic Bumping. If nobody wants to comment on your topic than that's that. Do not post in it again to raise it back to the top.

Ban Points and Warnings

If you choose to ignore the rules then warning points will start to be issued. For the first few infractions I will be lienant on you and you will receive nothing more than a verbal warning. After that I will start handing out Ban Points. Once you receive 10 of these then you will be temporarily banned. The length of your banishment will be determined by the mods and me. We will discuss what you have done and issue a punishment that fits the infractions.

If you would like to complain to me about a warning or ban point then PM me or the mod that issued it. Do not start a topic complaining about it because that will do nothing more than get us mad.

Respect the Moderators

The forum mods are the people that have managed to gain my trust to get moderating powers. So, do as they say and there should be no problems. Do not argue with them and there will be no problems. They have the final say in whether or not a topic is locked. If you feel their judgment was unfair than again do not start a topic complaining. Send them a PM and politely ask for it to be unlocked.
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